Midnight transient calls at Lime Kiln?

At the same time Jeanne Hyde was listening and recording these calls at Lime Kiln last night, Val’s monitoring software (WhoListener) detected the sounds. The low background noise makes it possible to hear the calls echoing around the steep rocky underwater canyon that is Haro Strait.

2011-09-21 23:52:18
node=os dB=96 trigger=PKT

2011-09-21 23:52:36
node=os dB=97 trigger=PKT

2011-09-21 23:53:15
node=os dB=98 trigger=PKT

2011-09-22 00:06:18

node=os dB=101 trigger=PKT

2011-09-22 00:06:39
node=os dB=95 trigger=PKT

2011-09-22 00:06:55
node=os dB=96 trigger=PKT

2011-09-22 00:07:10
node=os dB=93 trigger=PKT

2011-09-22 00:07:27
node=os dB=99 trigger=PKT

2011-09-22 00:07:46
node=os dB=103 trigger=PKT

2011-09-22 00:08:01
node=os dB=93 trigger=PKT

Does anyone concur that these are transient calls? Know which calls were made?

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