Now ready for Winter Winds at Orcasound Lab?

Here it is, the end of October and winter winds will surely be coming. Here is PredictWind’s forecast for the coming weekend.Predict Wind The hydrophone at Orcasound Lab is not very well protected. So, a group of friends, called the B-Team, (don’t ask) gathered on Halloween’s eve to take out the existing hydrophone and put in two others with very secure protection against surely coming winter’s waves.

Earlier I had built a 30 dB gain preamp and connected it to an ITC-4066 hydrophone and then waterproofed the preamp and its connection to the hydrophone and a long FSS-2 5 conductor heavy duty cable.

This cable is then pulled into a 100 foot long 3″ PVC irregation pipe. In addition we pulled a cable for a Cetacean Research Technology un-preamplified hydrophone, a CR-1.

Here is the situation prior to pulling the protecting PVC pipe into the water. Note how the distal end of the pipe will be attached to a concrete filled bucket to eliminate, we hope, thrashing of the end of the cable when strong waves are crashing around nearby.

Here is a gallery of photos taken by our B-Team photographer, Sandy.

Here is the B-Team with Leslie providing needed warming cider and fresh pumpkin bread to our B-Team featuring, David, Barbara, Skye (the youngest member of the team), Tom and Sam with Val and Sandy out of the frame somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Now ready for Winter Winds at Orcasound Lab?

  1. Chris says:

    Hello Mr Veirs!
    This is Chris writing from a documentary production team called “Cinemugwort “in Shanghai. We are working on an independent documentary feature called “A Sound journey”, an essay film about “sound” from various aspects that are taking place right now.

    There’s a section in the film that we wish to include marine sound to explore the topic of noise pollution underwater especially the noises that human has produced which endanger the lives of all the underwater species. I’ve looked through and heard the recordings on the webpage including live streams from each station on the orcasound network, and find it very helpful for us to build an understanding of this situation. Is there a way that we can have the permission to use some of the recordings in our film?

    1. Scott Veirs says:

      Hi Chris,

      Feel free to contact us at for a faster response next time.

      This seems like an educational effort that isn’t very profit-driven or commercial. If that’s the case, then all you need to do is attribute use of Orcasound audio data in your film. Attribution could take the form of listing “Orcasound hydrophone network” in the credits along with this URL “”

      Another source of (increasingly organized) open audio data products you may enjoy is here —

      If you plan to make a substantial profit from the film, we’d appreciate a financial contribution to the Orcasound collective in the name of Cinemugwort.

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