J pod and L87 call on Lime Kiln hydrophones

Today J pod (and L87) came in through Baynes Channel and traveled north up Haro Strait (based on Ron Bates report to Center for Whale Research mentioned on Orca Network Facebook page. The whales made some clear calls and clicks on the Lime Kiln hydrophones. Here is a sample recording of the calls which mainly were repeated S2s. Jeanne Hyde first heard a few calls at 10:50, but the following auto-detections only began at 11:28.

7 Detections

2011-03-06 11:28:04
node=lk dB=103 trigger=PKT

2011-03-06 11:28:14
node=lk dB=98 trigger=PKT
no audible calls, but spectrogram looks like S2

2011-03-06 12:06:28
node=lk dB=100 trigger=PKT
S2s and a faint S7

2011-03-06 12:09:04

node=lk dB=98 trigger=PKT
5-6 repeated S2s

2011-03-06 12:09:25
node=lk dB=101 trigger=PKT
S2s, clicks

2011-03-06 12:10:05
node=lk dB=101 trigger=PKT
S2s with different receive levels (and therefore sources?)

2011-03-06 12:10:28
node=lk dB=100 trigger=PKT
S2, S1?

There are a few more details in the 2011 listening log’s Lime Kiln spreadsheet

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