K pod calls at Orcasound

The WhoListener program detected these calls and clicks at Orcasound today.

os – PKTAveDb111_07_01_2010_17_10_51

os – PKTAveDb112_07_01_2010_17_11_15

os – PKTAveDb104_07_01_2010_17_11_30

os – PKTAveDb109_07_01_2010_17_12_37

os – PKTAveDb108_07_01_2010_17_12_59

os – PKTAveDb103_07_01_2010_17_13_14

os – PKTAveDb103_07_01_2010_17_11_45

os – PKTAveDb104_07_01_2010_17_13_29

os – PKTAveDb103_07_01_2010_17_13_44

os – PKTAveDb103_07_01_2010_17_13_59

os – PKTAveDb105_07_01_2010_17_14_17

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