Thank you, Orcasound App hackers!

We would like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution of time, technology, and code that have been made to our open source project. Beginning in the fall of 2018, we began participating in hackathons in Seattle and at the University of Washington. In combination with our Github repositories, these events have brought many talented programmers, designers, engineers, researchers, and geeks to the project. They have made it possible to rapidly develop and refine the Orcasound app — a new way to listen for whales — based on a cutting-edge suite of inexpensive and open-source hardware and software for live streaming audio data.

Orcasound at a DemocracyLab hackathon in Seattle (photo by Mark Frischmuth).

Founders (long-term contributors)

  • Paul Cretu – Orcasound site and player
  • Skander Mzali – Orcasound site
  • Steve Hicks – Orcanode repository
  • Samantha Berk – Administrative back end
  • Mike Castor – 2019 UI implementation
  • Erika Pelaez – Machine learning
  • Val Veirs – Node engineering and machine learning
  • Scott Veirs – Project management
  • Ty – Kickstarter and design pioneer
  • Christian Sarason – Orcamap repository

Influencers (major contributions)

  • Erin – User-centered design of 2019 UI
  • Shawn Vita – Implementation of 2019 UI
  • Nóra Mészáros – Graphic design
  • Liam Reese – Graphic design

Supporters (key one-time contributions)

  • Glenn Block – Prototype notifications
  • Amie Dabu – User research
  • Jennifer Rogers – Spectrograms from FLAC files
Erika facilitating an early discussion of machine learning and the Orcadata repository.
Val working on the Orcanode software and hardware.