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The wildlife of the Salish Sea is at risk and you can help

Hydrophones give you the power to know whats happening under and above our waters. Listening to Orcas, stopping noisy boats, and listening for distressed animals, underwater earthquakes, new humpback whales, salmon and more. With OrcaSound, we have a window into an ecosystem unreachable by most.

Donate $10 or more today to save the Salish Sea, our wildlife, and your access to exciting live and recorded ocean sounds

There is a bright future for you, whales, dolphins, researchers, students and other citizens – if you can help. Help us upgrade the aging hydrophone network so we can listen without restrictions – from your phone or computer, on a boat or on the bus. And, help us monitor the Salish sea for threats and fascinating ecological events. Without OrcaSound we’re blind to an entire ecosystem.

Without your donations, the Salish Sea will go without this vital technology

If we cant raise at least $15,000 to repair and upgrade OrcaSound the network will continue to deteriorate and have to shut down. Since our initial governmental funding has dried up, we rely on private donors to keep us funded.  Contribute today to ensure we have the resources to keep the hydrophones online.

With your help, you can monitor the Salish sea for threats and listen to fascinating ecological events

From underwater earthquakes to morning orca serenades – there is a world of unknowns just waiting to be identified. The mysterious habits, behaviors and patterns of sea life can be discovered with your help!

  1. With your donation, we can influence local decision making on vital environmental polices, like regulation of ship noise and local use of mid-frequency sonar
  2. With your donation, we can all enjoy limitless access to listening for wildlife.
  3. With your donation, scientists, conservationists, students and citizen scientists will continue to study wildlife and collect data that they can get nowhere else.
  4. With your donation, we will be able to respond more effectively to emerging ecological disasters – like oil spills.