Thank you, Orcasound App Founders!

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of the following Orcasound App Founders who participated in the May, 2017 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign by backing us at the $120 or higher levels. You helped make it possible to develop the Orcasound app — a new way to listen for whales using a cutting-edge suite of inexpensive and open-source hardware and software for live streaming audio data.

Founders ($120)

  • K Makowski
  • Shaun Hubbard
  • Lindsey Webster
  • Marcia and Tom Wood
  • Hiram G Wells
  • Monika Wieland Shields
  • Mandy Johnson
  • Ariel Yseth
  • Constantine Anagnostopoulos
  • Casey
  • Katie Kirking
  • Maria Busco
  • Janine Boire
  • Orla Robinson
  • Natalka Lindstrom
  • Marlana Luebke
  • Joan Poor
  • Wendy Sines
  • Alisa Lemire
  • Madison Duffin
  • Jenny Atkinson

Influencers ($200)

  • Ginny Gensler
  • Ivan Reiff
  • Randy Collins
  • Sharon Grace
  • Cheryl Cromie
  • Joanne Repman

Patrons ($300+)

  • Alison Barratt ($500)


Contributors are listed by date of backing, earliest first. Patrons are only listed upon their request.