Welcome to the Salish Sea hydrophone network

In addition to helping fund our Kickstarter campaign, here are some things you can do:

        • Listen live around the Salish Sea by clicking on these links:
        • Or you can find the same links in the pop-up description you get by clicking the green markers on this map.

If you don’t hear anything interesting live, you can follow these links to hear archived sounds from each of the hydrophone locations:

You can read about past events and acoustic analyses in the blog — http://orcasound.net/wp/activity

You can visit the web-based education/outreach materials that underly the:

You can take a quick survey to help us improve!

We are a growing coalition of scientists, educators, and citizens are working together to expand a regional hydrophone network in the Salish Sea.  This site is an experiment in sharing live and recorded underwater sound.