Welcome to the Salish Sea hydrophone network

As an Orcasound citizen scientist, here are some things you can do:

Listen to live audio streams:

Listen live around the Salish Sea by clicking on these links:

Or you can find the same live-listening links in the pop-up description you get by clicking the green markers on this map.

Participate in a citizen science project


Listen to recorded sounds

If you don’t hear anything interesting live, you can follow these links to hear archived sounds from each of the hydrophone locations:

You can read about past events and acoustic analyses in the Orcasound blog — http://orcasound.net/wp/activity

You can visit the web-based education/outreach materials that underly the:

(Or if you live nearby or are visiting, you can go try those exhibits in person!)

You can take a quick survey to help us improve!